Create 💙 heldenhaften content.

Imagine this...

In only a few years from now, the world will have entirely new cities. Cities where development has not even started. Cities that can draw from all we know about liveability and functionality.

The same goes for websites. Major websites will be built with the tools we’re constructing today. But we don't know how they will be like. Just think of how different sites were 3 years ago. For both cities and websites, one basic rule counts: Things are constantly changing and can never be fully anticipated.

The inspiration from urban planning permeates our UX master plan, giving us crucial guidelines for structuring everything we know  - and making room for all the future change we don’t know. 

Power when you need it

The distribution of power in a city makes sure that everyone gets what they need. You don’t power a shed in the way you power a nuclear plant. The ultra-simple editing already available in the alpha makes editors center their attention on content. If you need to add SEO data next to the content, Neos has an inspector that opens up for that kind of functionality. Just a bit more power, one step at a time...

If you need more, the inspector will be expandable to the full backend screen providing the user with all the options. That’s not enough? Create custom backend modules. And if even that's not enough, underlying Neos, we have Flow - a first-class web framework that enables you to build web applications that integrate with your other systems.